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A horse establishes leadership over another by effectively directing the other’s feet to move as they desire with progressively less effort, i.e. this cause and effect is a language.
>> Effective is the key word above.<<
Shaping clear communication and confidence between you and your horse is my specialty.
>> Become aware of how to cause sequenced movement. <<
>> Learn the language that creates the dance of motion. <<
>> Step your way into positive patterns of partnership with your horse. <<
Discover the language of sending ‘hoofmessages’
>> Get those messages from your head to your horse’s hooves! <<
  >> Experience the feel, the thrill, the absolute delight. <<
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 Building clear communication and confidence between you and your horse is my specialty.

Learn how to send HOOFMESSAGES.

Building clear communication and confidence between you and your horse is my specialty. Do you want a softer connection with your horse? Could your horse be be more responsive under saddle or and more enjoyable to lead? Does he behave well for the farrier and vet? Is he tuned into your requests when lunging? Are his circles even? Is trailer loading and unloading easy? Are riding aids yielded to consistently? Does he sidepass, slow, stop and back up nicely? Would you like to learn free lunging or liberty work? Do you have a gaited horse that is not gaiting correctly?

Being a mobile trainer has offered a unique road of experiences. Working in widely varied facilities keeps me creative and versatile in multiple disciplines and breeds. Years have efficiently whittled and honed my skills in communicating effectively with horses as well as their motivated owners.

Whether for pleasure, sport discipline, or optimizing for show ring performances, building clear communication and confidence between you and your horse is my specialty.  Success is founded on listening to each individual and  consistently considering the whole horse physically and emotionally.

►  Learn how to help your horse choose the choices you need and desire.

►  Understanding how  small steps and tasks can be linked together when training  gives you clear know-how to reinforce cues and tasks on your own.

►  Increasing understanding increases connections, enjoyment, AND safety factors.

My mobility allows me to customize services to your specific needs:

►   School where you and your horse are at home.
►   Learn how keeping notes increase your ability to cause positive patterns.
►   Have your questions answered consistently one on one.
►   Learn cause and effect scenarios that cause your horse to respond to you.
►   Practicing exercises (homework given in every lesson) magnifies progress.
►   Observe, read, and build understanding.
►   OR: Have training done where you can know, see, and enjoy his learning process.
►   OR: Have a combination of training and lessons.
►   Continue to keep tabs on your horse and enjoy him being in your proximity.
►   Gain tips in routine handling and care.
►   Organize friends in a 1/2 day or day clinic. Learn by watching, listening, and doing.

My experience is extensive. I have years of working with newborn foals to senior horses, young kids to senior horse lovers that range from experienced to beginners.

I am privileged to have worked with an expansive list of different breeds including wonderful gaited horse breeds.  Each session is adjusted and fitted to histories, abilities, mindsets, situations, and confidence levels.  Years have sharpened my ability to gain success with different horses from willing, intelligent, super sensitive, insecure, and hyper reactive individuals to unwilling, game playing, mishandled, misunderstood, and dull responding ones.

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Humans can truly possess instinctive ways in communicating with horses. However, despite  best intentions there remains a great divide of differences between humans and horses.  Increasing the understanding from your horse’s perspective shines light on details that are amazing tools.  MULTIPLY your effectiveness and feel the difference.


Learn how to send HOOFMESSAGES. Get Messages you want from your head to his feet by having them reflect in your body language. KNOW whether the messages you are sending ARE what you wish to convey. Correct feel is vital for delivering clear messages. This is true on the ground, driving, or in the saddle. Develop confidence and compliance in your desired tasks or preferred discipline.

My constant target is to establish reliable connections.  Seeing and feeling from your horse’s perspective ignites  perceptions that clear the way for consistent communication, the roots of success.

Increase handling and riding responsiveness and confidence. Increase feel and timing of aids with hows and whens to be proactive. This has a powerful and progressive influence on confidence.  Know:
► … Where your horse’s feet are.
► … How your horse moves.
► … Causes and their effects for effective responses.
► … How centrifugal forces in motion affect you and your horse.

MOTION IS A LANGUAGE. The way a horse sets up a leadership over another is by effectively directing the other’s feet. Your horse has an innate ability of instantly and accurately evaluating your skills in interpreting and directing his motion. Sharpen your ability to see and feel indications of what your horse is thinking through his shifting weight. Anticipate moves, proactively cause what you desire. MULTIPLY YOUR INFLUENCE. Understand the parts to understand the whole.


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