Services Offered

►  Private Lessons

►  Small group (2 or 3) Lessons

►  Training

►  Problem Solving

►  Free Work (in suitable arena, corral, or round pen)

►  Tricks_and_Tasks_at_Liberty

►  Consultations

► Day/half day clinic

Private Lessons: For all ages (horses and human). Gain insights that enhance responses for;

Pleasure, Western, English, Trail, Dressage foundations, and Horsemanship skills.

For Endurance riders, optimizing balance aids energy efficiency for both you and your horse.

I can assist you with long lining, in ground and stable manners, halter breaking, haltering goals, trailer loading, starting under saddle, restarting under saddle, and in numerous problem solving aspects.

Contact me if you have questions regarding your particular need.

Small Group Lessons (2 or 3): Taking lessons with others whose riding skills are similar to yours  is VERY enlightening. Watching others in their learning process frequently offers a way to understand cause and effects with greater clarity.

Training:  If desired, after getting to know you and your horse initially I can train on my own. However, my preference is to share the training process as much as possible with you. This establishes consistent communication between all of us for progressive results. 

Problem Solving:  Some problems can have a rather simple answer while others take awhile to dissect in order to create understandings. Problem solving can be likened to knots in a line. Some knots can be untangled quickly and easily while stiffer lines with harder and weathered knots can take much more effort. Also, some line materials allow memories of knots to relax easily while others tend to hold
them more rigidly potentially causing old knots to engage again.

Free Work (creative free lunging): Works WONDERS for increasing understanding, lightness in leading, lunging, riding, and the list goes on. FEEL and SEE how motion can be guided and shaped by directing his feet. Observe cause and effects of your requests.

Tricks and Tasks at Liberty: This takes the above training and furthers communication, trust and confidence by adding a fun flavor. Discover hidden talents in you and your horse! Discover for yourself how gaining your horse’s responses to unique requests can come in handy as well as unfolding a special bonding process.

Teach your horse to smile, bow, lay down, side pass at liberty, back your horse by his tail, do the Spanish walk, the list goes on… be creative!

Tasks requested at liberty serve to lighten abilities with lines and reins in hand as you discover you can gain moves without lines at all!  A very enjoyable part is the fun you and your horse can have showing off!

Consultations: Do you have a situation regarding your horse on which a professional evaluation could shed light? A training, stable issue, or behavior that needs a professional opinion? Are you under or over horsed? Is the horse you have compatible with your goals? Do you question if your horse is safe for a family member or friend to ride?

Day and 1/2 Day Clinics: Especially logical for locations further from my home base. Gain a more complete understanding of insights and methods in which to further goals with.  Learn with more than one of your horses or enhance your understanding by watching others in their learning process.